Desert Rose, made from Gypsum, Selenite has the ability to quiet the mind so that distractions and lower vibrational energy such as worries do not interfere, allowing one to connect clearer with their Higher Self (Intuition) and angels. It is a great stone for intuitive work, and a powerful energy cleanser. It is said to help clarify visions.

Desert Rose is made from the combination of water, wind and sand, and is found in desert regions. Some inhabitants of the Sahara desert believe that what they call the “Sand Rose” has an internal energy that is used for protection, prosperity and purification. This makes sense considering many cultures have seen this layered mineral as a purifier that can offset negative energy, clear energy from objects, spaces, people, and send that energy back to Mother Earth, for healing.

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Dimensions of each small desert rose are approximately: 3.3cm wide x 2.9cm high x 2.8cm deep

PLEASE NOTE as these are naturally occurring crystals each one is unique and will vary in shape, colour, size + texture.