A[R]MOUR 2016 / by seiv love

a [r] m o u r  meaning strength and love, without guards.


When we learn to break our hearts open instead of down, when we learn to drop our shields and give without conditions, that is when we start to realise the true meaning and feeling of love. a[r]mour without the metaphorical guard of ‘r’ is Amor, meaning love. When we drop our guards, and let go of fear in order to show and speak our truth, we naturally open to a state and world so full of love, light and inspiration.

This kind of love gives us euphoric freedom and a strength that enables us to swiftly move through any dark moments.  Living in the city entails daily emotional and physical stress to our bodies, so having energetic tools like crystals are paramount.

a[r]mour 2016 presents powerful tools to empower women. The crystals aid the wearer with extra strength, protection, and most importantly assist in opening the heart space, allowing love and inspiration to be received and given on the highest possible frequency.


Image: Daniella Rech