Thank you 08.08. gateway power, we are listening, and we're back.


The world is calling for help, to heal and raise the vibration not only for ourselves, but each other. 2016 saw my biggest demons come to face me, I starred deep into their darkness, in doing so I not only empowered and freed myself of fear, I learnt so much about my true nature, about what deeply inspires me, my soul values, more of who I am, my essence, and what gifts I have to share with the world. I gained clarity, strength, compassion, inspiration, value for truth, and a deeper understanding of what unconditional love is.

seiv has been re-birthed, in order to facilitate what the name represents, it is here to help share light on what a gift it is to be human, it is here to help facilitate raising of vibrations, as we heal and release old wounds that are no longer serving us for our highest good, and move into a New Earth. seiv is here as an ultimate tool to help Divine Femininity find her truths. her clarity and strength, seiv is here to help guide and support as we transition into strong, balanced, loving humans, filled with beauty and clarity. 


We are now based in the Northern Rivers, around Byron Bay and Mullumbimby, Australia.


Why is it that women go back to the men who don't treat them with the same kindness and respect that they crave (and deserve)?


After a crazy few months of interacting with someone who treated me less than I would/have ever accepted from someone, even to the point of being blunt rude and unkind I would go back, I'd go back because the smallest sign of kindness or flattery somehow wiped away the bad, something about this guy made me feel like he had the world under control and I liked that. He didn't need me, but when he wanted me I liked it. After spending some time to clear myself of what was emotionally not a healthy engagement. I finally met someone who was the polar opposite. Showed and reminded me how beautiful it felt to be adored, loved and appreciated, including all of my quirks, to give and receive love without any guards, games, or lies.

After three months it got too much because I felt that this beautiful being depended on me emotionally, and wanted me to give up my entire space, emotional and physical, for him too soon in the relationship. Which also strengthened the desire for more personal space. Being emotionally depended upon was exhausting and stressful, and I realised the other day that we can be drawn to the 'bad guys' over the 'nice guys' because they don't depend on us, or collapse any part of their world for us. They stand strong in their world, their life, and way of living, which can make us feel like we can depend on them in return. When someone emotionally relies on someone else, there is a massive weight involved. According to David Deida in his book 'The Way of the Superior Man', women want a man who can show them that they have the world under control, so that they can relax and be more in line with the feminine energy that is like water, and goes with the flow. Women continuously test their man, which could be subconscious rather than conscious tests to prove to them that they have their world, and therefore THE world under control. The moment they collapse a part of their world for a woman they lose the trust that involves trust in all decisions made, the woman now feels like she needs to question and double check everything. So my understanding on this subject is that the moment a man shows a woman he doesn't have his world under control, or relies on the woman to show him that the world is under control, she loses her complete trust in that man, and takes on extra masculine energy, rather than relaxing in the feminine energy.

So what our modern day society needs is the in-between, the balance of light and dark, masculine and feminine, yin and yang. We need to each stand strong in our own worlds, to do the things we love, and entwine our paths together once that is accomplished, not the other way around. It isn't selfish to put yourself first, when you do the things you love, and take good care of yourself you thrive, and therefore help others thrive. It's when you over compromise and put others before yourself that you then start to pull others down, because you're not at your highest/most vibrant/full of vitality etc. I believe society teaches us that putting ourselves first is selfish, but if you didn't put your oxygen mask on first in an aircraft emergency, how would you be able to help anyone else? Let's reconsider what is selfish, let's get ourselves thriving then join together for ecstatic relationships that encourage, uplift and strengthen each other. 

NOTE: I speak from the perspective of a heterosexual woman because that is my context and what I understand, I acknowledge that the idea explored in this post does not align itself with all women, bi, gay, or heterosexual. It's an exploration of an idea based on the context I personally understand, but not the only idea to be explored. I believe we feel what our predominant energy is, our biological sex does not necessarily indicate what we feel. I lovingly accept and appreciate all human beings and their sexuality. 

EARTH is our playground by seiv love

Earth is our playground, use your imagination to create your reality. 


Too many times I hear people say, I just need this and then I'll be happy.. Money is so highly valued in our society, but it comes and goes, it becomes relative based on what standard of living you create. What is the one thing we cannot live without? ...BREATH. If we were given enough breath for an entire life, don't you think we have a bank that's unlimited for love and money too? You create your reality based on the thoughts you have, change your perspective and your reality changes. Don't forget to breathe deeply and be thankful for everything you already have.

Earth is the most precious playground that we get to experience, make every moment count.

THE SEIV WOMAN 2016 by seiv love

The seiv woman is developing her wild nature, she is strong, fierce, confident, inspired, most importantly she is full of love, and energy, she is aware and compassionate.

She knows how to love with strength. She isn’t afraid to let her guards down. She knows when to say no and isn’t afraid to ask for support.

She has bled and therefore knows how to heal.




A[R]MOUR 2016 by seiv love

a [r] m o u r  meaning strength and love, without guards.


When we learn to break our hearts open instead of down, when we learn to drop our shields and give without conditions, that is when we start to realise the true meaning and feeling of love. a[r]mour without the metaphorical guard of ‘r’ is Amor, meaning love. When we drop our guards, and let go of fear in order to show and speak our truth, we naturally open to a state and world so full of love, light and inspiration.

This kind of love gives us euphoric freedom and a strength that enables us to swiftly move through any dark moments.  Living in the city entails daily emotional and physical stress to our bodies, so having energetic tools like crystals are paramount.

a[r]mour 2016 presents powerful tools to empower women. The crystals aid the wearer with extra strength, protection, and most importantly assist in opening the heart space, allowing love and inspiration to be received and given on the highest possible frequency.


Image: Daniella Rech


Everyone has a different outlook, they will see the world differently. If your intentions are never to  harm any other living thing, then you never have to apologise for being you, you only need to communicate your view so others can understand where you are coming from. Looking after yourself first, entails you to give your absolute best to everyone else - you thriving means you can help others thrive too.

 Exploring the outback in the Northern Territory, Australia. A vital reset and instant hit of inspiration for my soul and general well-being. Escaping the city grind in order to relax, recover and thrive.

Exploring the outback in the Northern Territory, Australia. A vital reset and instant hit of inspiration for my soul and general well-being. Escaping the city grind in order to relax, recover and thrive.

Plantbased Lavender Yoghurt Recipe by seiv love

We cannot wait to try this relaxing lavender yoghurt recipe made from cashew nuts and probiotics! Created by Raw Food Chef, Alex Beer, and blogger of FEED THE SOUL.


INGREDIENTS first step:

  • 375g Cashew nuts (soaked for half an hour then drained and washed)
  • 310ml filtered water
  • 1 probiotic capsule

INGREDIENTS second step:

  • 310ml Hot water
  • 80ml extra virgin oil
  • 30ml coconut nectar
  • 1tbsp vanilla bean powder
  • 2tsp lavender flowers (you can find this in any health food shop)

METHOD first step:

Blend the cashew nut and water together for a good minute or two to create a nice smooth paste.  Then break the probiotic capsule and pour into the mix. Blend again for another 30 seconds.

Pour into a glass bowl, cover with baking paper and using masking tape seal it all up. Place the bowl in a warm cosy place for 15 hours. The mix should get nice and bubbly like. Try and make sure it tastes sour, if it does not just leave it a few more hours.

METHOD second step:

Brew the lavender flowers with the 310ml Hot water for 20 minuets. Strain the flowers keeping the water for the yogurt.

Place the cashew yogurt mix in the blender and now add the rest of the ingredients. Blend it all up and watch it turn a beautiful purple colour, ohhhhhhhhh.

And there you have it a beautiful yogurt.


Our denim is making these grey Sydney days bareable, b a b y   b l u e s  |  w a s h e d   i n d i g o.

Pictured: our Panel Shirt + ripped Relaxed Pant

When You Do the Things You Love - You Create a Meeting Point by seiv love

....if she cannot find the culture that encourages her [and nurtures her true nature], then she usually decides to construct it herself. And that is good, for if she builds it, others who have been looking for a long time will mysteriously arrive one day enthusiastically proclaiming that they have been looking for this all along
— Clarissa Pinkola Estes, Women Who Run With The Wolves, 1992

Minimal + T e x t u r a l Interior. by seiv love

Saturday interior Inspo. via pinterest


Nelly Skoufatoglou for NEOS KOSMOS 31.10.15

CO-MFORT by seiv love

Our beautiful soft cotton long sleeve tops are now available in limited numbers online. They feel like the longest, softest kiss you've ever had. 

They team well with with your favourite denim, strappy bra + warm spring skin. Also ideal to be taken to the beach in summer and worn over your (dried) swimmers once your skin has seen enough sun for the day + needs some protecting X


Full Moon, Super Energy Baby by seiv love

With the final full moon of 2015 shining on us yesterday, there's a lot of powerful energy around, it can be strengthening but also exhausting – FKA Twigs is one of our favourite power women of 2015, so we feel like her tunes are appropriate for embracing this powerful time of year.  Here's a snippet we took at her inspiring live performance in Sydney earlier in the year <3