s e i v works to empower the Divine Feminine (whether woman or man) so we can effortlessly move into a New Earth, collectively. The Divine Feminine is a balanced state of both strength and gentleness, with tools to facilitate opening and expanding of the heart space, while simultaneously strengthening the auric field. seiv provides beautiful tools, relevant to our modern world, that work to connect the energetic Spirit world, with the physical Earth world and raise vibrational energy in a space and being, in order to facilitate inner strength to move through this life with more power, euphoria and bliss.



seiv is run by designer, Sarah Vosper, a UTS Fashion + Textile Graduate, and winner of the 2013 Woolmark campaign, collaborating with luxe Australian label Jac + Jack. As well as a finalist in the 2012 NSW Business Chamber Fashion and Textile Award.

Sarah has been running private intuitive guidance sessions since early 2017, after seeing the effects that energy work has had in her own life and home, she is passionate to share her knowledge and tools with others. She has a strong connection with her own intuition (Higher Self), and spirit guides. She has the ability to clear energy and invite ones spirit guides to help pass on relevant information through unconditional love that may help someone along their path.

Synchronistically seiv was reborn mid 2017 to be the channel of these tools and knowledge, providing a space where high vibrational tools can be found and understood.

Image: Dan Goode

Image: Dan Goode


We are powerful beings when we are balanced, more powerful than we have been taught. Time has come to release all that is no longer serving us for our Highest Good, and welcome in the new, aligning ourselves with A New Earth means releasing all guilt, shame and regret. Understanding that there are no mistakes, just mis-takes. With mindfulness comes power, there is no better time than now to empower ourselves.