We all encounter moments in our lives where we feel stagnant, hurt, confused, indecisive, or simply need help understanding and expressing our emotions. A close circle of friends or family can generally offer a safe space for us to express ourselves and help us gain clarity through sharing, however sometimes what we most desperately need is non-biased advice given without any attachments or expectations to the situation or outcome.

I have learnt to trust my own intuition over all else. I hear my higher guidance system in order to gain clarity on how best to move through everyday situations, I have learnt to read and trust in Universal signs, and I intend to share my knowledge and tools to help others gain clarity in their own lives. I do not intend to heal or cure anyone, I do however intend to comfort, counsel, guide and empower others to regain balance and vitality in their lives.

WHAT I OFFER I offer a safe space of non-judgment for a casual conversation to naturally bring up the main issue/s in your energy field. Because my connection and trust in my intuition is so strong, it easily brings up what is needed to be expressed or shared while in the field of others. I practice techniques to make sure I only draw in energies of unconditional love for the Highest Good. I am able to stay centered in my own heart space which allows a flow of non-biased and non-judgmental guidance, providing a clean channel for higher guidance to enter into and express itself.

I am able to call upon your higher self and spirit guides of unconditional love to guide a gentle card reading that will give insight into specific questions or highlight areas of concern.

WHAT TO EXPECT a session generally opens with a casual discussion, allowing a natural exchange of conversation and ideas, the flow of open heart sharing naturally surfaces the main issue/s for you at hand. I can also call your angels and spirit guides of unconditional love to guide a card reading to gain further clarity and inspiration on a subject. All physical sessions are concluded with a clearing of your aura (for skype sessions I can explain how you can do this yourself), so you may leave feeling lighter, refreshed, energised and inspired for life, trusting that you are on the right path.

If relevant I am also able to offer physical cleansing suggestions, diet recommendations and/or vibrational tool information (crystal, essential oils, meditation techniques). I am also able to share contact details of a highly trusted network of holistic healers who have greatly benefited my own path (physical, spiritual, emotional, and Ayurvedic).

EXCHANGE $50 a session. Sessions range around an 1 - 1.5 hrs long.

TO GET THE MOST OUT OF EACH SESSION think about your intention, without any attachment to an expectation of what information may come up. Most importantly come with an open mind and heart, one must be willing to heal in order to receive help. When we surrender, we start to dance with the Universe

Due to recently relocating from Sydney to Mullumbimby, NSW I am taking private sessions via skype. The near future will see to a physical space being available for one on one sessions. 

For all enquiries please use the form below or e-mail: