s e i v adapts the powerful and influential textile of denim into a modern fast-paced city context, by offering a sophisticated edge to otherwise casual denim. Our garments have a nonchalant attitude with a modern, clean-line, feminine yet boyish aesthetic, and are designed to be worn all day. We entail a strong focus on quality, comfort and versatility, and have found a way to shift denim into a modern context of busy lifestyles, presenting fashion that can be kept casual or easily dressed up for the evening, depending on personal style adjustments. 



seiv is run by designer, Sarah Vosper, a UTS Fashion + Textile Graduate, and winner of the 2013 Woolmark campaign, collaborating with luxe Australian label Jac + Jack. As well as a finalist in the 2012 NSW Business Chamber Fashion and Textile Award.

Image: Dan Goode

Image: Dan Goode


We design garments that are versatile, adding a clean-line sophisticated edge to otherwise casual pieces, we source the very best textiles and pay close attention to detail, making sure seams and finishes are both aesthetically pleasing and the most long-lasting they can be (all relevant to each fabric being utilised).

Our design process starts with a woman's body in mind, how she would like to look and feel, with her fast-paced modern lifestyle in mind and how we can help her make all of her daily events in the same garment/outfit. 

It's time for change, the wasteful years of mass-production and low quality items are being replaced by conscious living, considerate souls and an appreciation for quality, over quantity.

seiv is a modern and unique shift on Australian, classic fashion. We want to see these garments loved and softened by being worn in, not out, and therefore hanging in our future grandchildren + great-grandchildren's wardrobes,


Mindfulness, vitality, love, strength and playfulness.